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My name is Torbjörn Ståhle and I'm a junior game and level designer, currently working as a level designer at Fatshark AB in my home city of Stockholm.

My passion for game development is grounded in level design, gameplay design, with a hint of narrative through environmental storytelling and worldbuilding. I've always believed that videogames can offer unique experiences that are out of reach of other mediums - by making the player the architect of their own experience.

I love working in sci-fi and dark fantasy settings, realistic and abstract alike.

I'm a big fan of First Person Shooters and action games in general, as well as RPGs. Some of my other passions include films and music.

I am comfortable working both on location and remote, although I prefer being on location with my coworkers.

Level design

What originally sparked my interest in level design were the logical challenges of guiding the player. Making sure the player never question the experience, keeping them immersed and maintaining the illusion of choice as much as possible.

The level is also where all the pieces of the game meet. I'm always interested in the collaborative process of making these pieces fit together, tailoring the level to suit the needs of gameplay systems, whether it be AI behaviour, player abilities, flow & pacing, or any other challenge.


I am also passionate about mission design, creating experiences within the level that fills a narrative purpose and keeps players invested.

Gameplay design

My interest in gameplay design is mainly focused on the player experience. How does it feel to move around, shoot, interact? Working on tuning feedback systems like animation & sound that adds gravity to the experience. Similarly to my passion for level design, I care about how the different elements of the game come together to make it all feel satisfying. 



(+46) 070 482 81 70


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